Jordan Kilby

With over 14 years of trial experience, Jordan's passion is litigation. After graduating from the University of Montana School of Law where she worked as a teaching assistant in criminal law, Jordan practiced as a criminal defense attorney for over four years. She cut her teeth in the courtroom in State Court and was a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel, representing clients in federal court. As a defense attorney, Jordan excelled at trial work, representing indigent and private clients.

Jordan served as a Deputy County Attorney for the Missoula County Attorney's Office for nine years. As a prosecutor, Jordan tried complicated homicide, sexual assault, and financial crimes cases. She has a reputation for being a bright trial attorney and a fair advocate. Jordan has spent most of her career in the courtroom and is well versed in the criminal justice system.

After working for Missoula County, Jordan returned to criminal defense in the summer of 2021. She puts her experience working with law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges to work for her clients. In the short time since Jordan returned to criminal defense, she has won motions to suppress, bail arguments, and a (mid-jury trial) motion to dismiss before the prosecution could give the case to the jury. Her specialty is violent crimes and homicides, but she puts her skills to work on all crimes and enjoys walking clients and their loved ones through the criminal justice system.

Jordan loves Montana and has been a resident of Missoula for 17 years. She enjoys hiking with her family and pets, meeting her "mom-friends" for coffee, and spending the summer weekends taking her kids to see their grandparents at their home on Flathead Lake.